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July 1, 2010

Articles in this newsletter:
Announcing Decatur Psychology, LLC
Strength Train To Slim Down with Jazzercise
Kendrick Law Practice offers valuable tips in e-newsletter
Book Festival Highlights
Live at Eddies Attic!
News from Lotus of Life Chiropractic
News from DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
News from The Village Vets

Announcing Decatur Psychology, LLC
John R. Lucy, Ph.D. has moved his practice to the newly renovated Executive Building on 125 East Trinity Place. He will now be doing business as Decatur Psychology, LLC.

Dr. Lucy provides psychotherapy and career planning for late adolescents and adults. He specializes in working with anxiety, mood, addiction, and relationship issues.

For more information see

Strength Train To Slim Down with Jazzercise
When you think Jazzercise you may think only of dance but each class also combats sarcopenia, or the loss of muscle. This is important because losing muscle means sacrificing your strength and postural support. Also, if you lose muscle with age, then your metabolism slows down, and you inevitably gain weight. Fortunately muscle loss can be slowed and reversed with strength training. Every Jazzercise class incorporates muscle building exercises to fight sarcopenia. Women do not need to be afraid of “bulking up like a body builder”, this fear is unfounded. More to be feared is the loss of strength and slowed metabolism. So let’s do some reps.

Kendrick Law Practice offers valuable tips in e-newsletter
Kendrick Law Practice provides small business owners with valuable business and legal tips to help grow their business. In our June e-newsletter, which is sent once a month, provides links to our Top Ten business articles. Sign up by emailing us at KLP focuses exclusively on business law, helping owners realize their dreams of owning their own business or growing their business. Please call our office at (678) 739-8109 to schedule your appointment today or fill out our online form at Spaces are limited, call soon.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for free daily legal tips.

Book Festival Highlights
Lenz, Inc., gold sponsor and marketing partner for the AJC Decatur Book Festival, will preview this years event at the July DBA meeting and give away vintage T-shirts and posters from previous festivals.

Make plans now to enjoy the Return of Bookzilla on the Decatur Square Labor Day weekend.

Plus, you can go to to submit your entry in the Name the Monster contest starting July 6. Winner gets an ipad and front-row seats at the festival.

The July DBA Meeting takes place on July 27!!!

Live at Eddies Attic!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the 6/22 DBA meeting at Eddie's! Many of you received a coupon for a free beer during your next visit - we'd love for each of you to take us up on the offer! See you soon!
7/1 - Pierre Anckaert & Will Scruggs (jazz)
7/2 - Sam Baker, Natalia Zukerman, John Fullbright & Jess Klein (in-the-round)
7/3 - Frontier Ruckus & Angela Easterling (folk rock)
7/4 - Ashley Arrison & Rachel Loy (pop/folk)
7/6 - Rooftop Tavern & Grill opens at 5pm!
7/7 - The Lost Dogs (americana)
7/8 - Seth Walker & Derek Stroker (blues)
7/9 - Beth Neilsen Chapman & Ward Davis (folk)
7/11 - Malcolm Holcombe & Tommy Womack (folk)

News from Lotus of Life Chiropractic
Lotus of Life Chiropractic offers a unique, progressive healing experience in a relaxed, comfortable setting. We work with tensional patterns that develop in your body due to stressful life experiences ~ whether physical, chemical, emotional or spiritual. Experience Chiropractic with Lotus of Life!

Call today to schedule your Summer Start-Up: 404-377-7743 or visit

News from DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
Join us at the DeKalb Chamber Leads Group meeting on July 7. This meeting provides an opportunity for to network and trade business leads amongst. Jeremy Warner of Cartridge World in Decatur is the facilitator. To sign up, click below.

On July 12, we welcome Todd Long, Director of Planning for the Georgia Department of Transportation as the keynote for the upcoming First Monday Lunch. Topic: “Preparing for growth: Funding Transportation in Georgia”. Event is open to the public. Prior registration required prior to attending. Please visit the DeKalb Chamber website.

News from The Village Vets
The Village Vets continues to be the leader in the Atlanta veterinary community in supporting local rescue groups by offering low-cost veterinary services. Witnessing the negative impact that the downward trend of our economy has had on local rescue groups, we have decided to take action with our “Rescue Recovery Plan”.

In addition to the low-cost services that we currently offer, we will now offer free spays and neuters for our Atlanta area registered/non-profit rescue groups. We are proud to partner with them, and to be able to provide this service. Visit our website for more info on ways you can help support local rescue groups.

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